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Aguilar Construction Services specializes in insurance based restoration training. Step by step we will show you how to unlock future earnings from insurance based restoration work. The objective of our training is integrate your current business model into the world of insurance based restoration.    Throughout this training we cover how to deal with the customer regarding their insurance claim.  We teach you how to become a liaison on behalf of the homeowner when dealing with insurance companies. There are several steps we will walk you through in this process.  First, we will teach you how to build a relationship with your homeowners insurance adjuster.  Secondly, we will advise you how to properly participate in the damage analysis and repair cost analysis for each claim.  If the homeowner has a mortgage, we will work with you to get you up to speed with the mortgage process and protocol.  Furthermore, we’ll guide you on when to proceed with your homeowners repairs once the process is started.  Lastly, we’ll educate you on how to properly invoice the insurance company for final payments. Additionally, our program provides field damage assessment training and door to door canvasing.





I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how great you did running the seminar. I was extremely motivated listening to you speak and was amazed at the passion you have for this industry.  I have the same passion and it was refreshing to hear your take on things and how closely our view points are.  I struggle sometimes with my father’s old school views and though those standards are what have kept a successful business for 35 years, I also know at some point you must evolve or extinction will find you.  We have already used so much of the seminar information when working with this insurance companies who have so much of the power when you don’t have the information. I hope that you have a great new year for your business and your family.

Devin Kelly, Kellco Inc.

Morris Plains, NJ

Before we contacted Kevin, we were successful at selling roofs in a retail setting. Unfortunately, whenever insurance companies were involved in the mix, we instantly felt like fish out of water.  They wanted all of our quotes “itemized” in very specific ways, and they had all of their own terminology.  Looking back, we were lucky to get a few roof jobs a year whenever an insurance claim was involved.  We simply just did not know the systems and procedures necessary to win the job consistently.  And even when we did win a job, we certainly were not prepared to know how to maximize the profit on the job.

That is when we met Kevin, and had him spend some time in the field with ourselves and our employees. Within a few days, we learned more about insurance restoration procedures then we would have learned in years of trial and error on our own. The learning was certainly not limited to a classroom setting either.  We were able to see first hand how to handle many restoration situations.  From being up on the roof, to accompanying us on adjuster meetings, to learning the in’s and out’s of Xactimate, the experience was eye opening.  And if I had any doubts about the investment we made in Kevin or his consulting services, they were assuaged within the first 5 hours of his visit to my company.  On the first day of his visit, he was able to secure us two new roofing jobs with full approval of their claims. From that point on his whole consulting services were paid for.  And in the two years since, it has been a great investment for our company since Kevin shared a lot more then insurance knowledge with us.

At anytime in the future if we have any questions on any procedures within the insurance restoration field, there is only one person we would ever consider calling.

Doug Chadwick, CEO, Impact Remodeling