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Kevin Aguilar has lead an educational series for Owens Corning titled “Successful Strategies in a Storm Environment” since 2012. These training seminars began shortly after Hurricane Sandy. Owens Corning identified the need to help their east coast contractors and train them in Insurance based restoration. Kevin Aguilar is a native of New Orleans, LA and knows far too well the impacts that a hurricane can cause on a community. Because his seminars were so beneficial on the east coast, he now travels all across the U.S. Training contractors in other markets. Since 2012 Kevin has traveled to more than 60 cities, and he has presented for many companies, large and small. Some of his larger presentations include the national sales meeting for ABC supply in 2013, where he spoke in front of nearly 300 people. In addition to this Kevin presented a training seminar for Allied Building Supply at their headquarters in East Rutherford N.J. Today, Kevin continues to travel across the United States training contractors in insurance based restoration. He is available for private consultations as well as large speaking engagements. Kevin’s success in this industry not only comes from his knowledge but most importantly his passion about this industry.


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